about us

Lilikoi Design + Letterpress is graphic design and letterpress printing studio, providing letterpress work from hand operated presses. We work on custom projects using our artwork as well as artwork provided by our clients. We also recently launched a retail line of cards, stationery and limited edition items, inspired by the simple joy of giving and receiving handwritten notes. 

The important practices we instill in our studio culture helps us stay unique; we stay true to the traditional art of letterpress, which is done by mixing inks and printing by hand with 100% cotton paper that is specifically made for letterpress. We believe the machine will produce its best work with the best combination of design, materials, patience and a talented operator. The love and attention to detail we pour into our products—and the amazing clients we get to know makes our business shine. This comes naturally due to the combination of our custom projects and the variety of capabilities we offer. Lilikoi retail products are inspired by clean, classic and clever design that is meaningful and perfect to be used for all occasions. We wish to encourage the handwritten note. Our products are not only made by hand with a labor intensive, original art form—they are one of a kind and beautifully tactile. They are sure to stand out amongst other printed items.

We have grown steadily creating and producing custom projects, running our studio with sustainable practices and using high quality, carefully chosen materials made in the USA. Custom projects include wedding invitations, stationery, business cards, hang tags and baby announcements. We have since expanded our Los Angeles location with a second studio location in San Francisco, which offers private lessons and group workshops—perfect for the hands-on, inquisitive artist community.

Lilikoi Design + Letterpress was founded in 2007 by Andria Sato, who holds a passion for graphic design, a love for ink on paper and an open heart for the cherished, handwritten note. She is a Los Angeles native which she is proud to call home and is where she opened the first studio. She opened up the second studio in San Francisco, California while spending a few years living in the heart of the city. She draws upon her multi-cultural upbringing, diverse creative background and love of nature, fashion, travel and art to design and letterpress print custom work. She is dedicated to providing outstanding service and enjoys working closely with each client to create a unique and beautiful product. 


Sustainability Practices
Our oldest press was born in 1889 and is a beauty. We run our presses manually, without the use of electricity.

We hand mix our inks which are vegetable based and omit minimal air pollutants.

We clean our presses using natural solvents which are gentle to our skin and on the environment.

We use 100% tree-free, reclaimed cotton paper which is recyclable and renewable. Cotton is an annual crop and requires very few natural resources and energy to grow and make into paper, unlike wood or bamboo. It is luxurious and the most perfect compliment to letterpress printing.

We are committed to proper disposal. We recycle every scrap piece of paper and old plates. We also use cloth rags for clean up.